Ann J. Kremers    Bennington, Vermont    802-442-7108


Ann Kremers is an artist and calligrapher, who lives and works in Bennington, Vermont.She offers calligraphy and illustration services as well as classes in watercolor painting, drawing and calligraphy.

Ann is a skilled watercolor painter creating evocative still lives, landscapes and detailed studies of plants and animals. She draws beautifully in pen and ink and pencil, rendering the rich textures of fur, feathers and flowers. She also works with pastels and charcoal and has experience with oil paints, block printing, monotype and enjoys making books on occasion.

Ann’s Calligraphy and Illustration focuses on understanding and meeting the vision and needs of her clients. A project often begins with a process of discovering what the client’s vision is, moving through rough drafts to visually facilitate the discussion and on to completion.

Teaching people to see more in our world and helping them to put what they see on paper is a great pleasure for Ann. Many people have studied with her for years finding new insights through continuing classes and private instruction. Ann has taught adults, college classes and children in a variety of workshop and class room situations.

Ann graduated from the University of Michigan with a BFA, magna cum laude. She has continued to research, experiment and discover new things about art making ever since. Walking in the beautiful landscape where she lives and looking at the world wherever she finds herself provides continuing inspiration and learning experience.


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